Monthly Archives: May 2012

Sun. And all that stuff

It’s always when I have the most work to get on with that the weather becomes “insane”. I’d take my laptop outdoors if I wasn’t worried about it melting into a metal puddle. Like that guy from Terminator 2.

Speaking of which, I’m off to do a handstand.


The ruff stuff is done

Well fact lovers, the recent session at the studio with Ruff Angel is DONE. New song ‘Honesty’ will be getting my mixing attention over the next week or so, to bring you a new slice in the story of the Angel.

Fuck knows what I’m talking about. I don’t half talk a lot of nonsense.

Anyway. Thought I’d keep you updated on my oh so epic and interesting life events.

Another new video!

Yeah I’m fairly battering them out.

This is for Sneaky Pete, and it was alot of fun to shoot….. graveyards ‘n shit baby.

A new video I’m working on for BODACIOUS

The band BODACIOUS who are regulars in the studio, recently approached me (whoa steady on) to shoot a video for them.

Well of course I said yes! It was tons of fun, the fruits of our labour today will be available to view very very soon!

I guess I’m now LIVE!


Yeeeeah boy. Here it is. I’ve spent ages trying to get this site and blog sorted an I’m more or less there so I’m gonna declare the website LIVE.

Thing is, most of the fun will probably come from this blog. I don’t have enough word real estate on Facebook to ever truly talk about things in full. So this is where I’ll talk my pish.