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THE SINSHEIMERS – Pineapples And Palm Trees

The Sinsheimers - Artwork

I started working with The Sinsheimers last year on their debut EP ‘Pineapples And Palm Trees’, and a couple of months ago we wrapped up the photography for the artwork. Another full SoundShape product, from recording, mixing, mastering, right through to photography and artwork design.

It’s available now from their live shows, and they should have it online for download very soon.



No apologies this time. I’ve just been really busy! I’ve managed to keep a lot of updates on the audio and video pages, and if you follow me with the hashtag #SoundShapeUK on Instagram you will have seen what I’m up to.

The biggest new update I can bring you, is that I am now about to begin a new podcast cleverly titled “The SoundShape Podcast”

Took so long to come up with that name obviously. We have guest lined up, as well as sessions booked with some brilliant bands. I can’t wait to start this new chapter alongside my faithful podcast companions Colin and Anthony.

There has been a lot of brilliant releases from bands I’ve worked with since the last blog update here, including the new EP from HUXTABLE called ‘It’s A Trap
I’m also massively proud of the mini-album from new band PEMBROOKE which was released a few months ago titled ‘Role Models‘. After a long process of fine tuning the great songs and recording new ones, I wrapped up the latest release from PARKER with their self titled EP.