Monthly Archives: August 2016


A busy 2016 so far. I’ve finished up a lot of great records that are now out there to consume, with more waiting in the wings. 

The Sinsheimers released their brand new EP ‘Bandinage‘ which you can stream/download at all the usual spots. 

A fantastic long EP/mini-album (is that how you say it?) from Midweek Shuffle is coming out very very soon, and that features a ton of great songs I really enjoyed recording and producing. 

3 videos… 3 damn videos all poised to release any time now. I worked with some great bands on videos this year including Attica Rage and  Mason Hill. And an as yet unnamed outfit. 3 videos I can’t wait to show off. 

A band I had a fantastic time working with last year (on their debut track), called Feral are back in finishing off a couple of new songs right now. These guys know how to bend several genres around their little finger and flick a whole new sound right into your ears. Look out for that. 

And there’s more. So much more. OliPop has great new music coming out, and there will be new music from Fallen Arches!