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Get yer tunes in!! Get yer tunes in!

I want to get as many submissions as possible for my grand database to promote on my own stream, and hopefully dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of others. I’m not messing around here.

If your music is copyright free and you are happy with it being transmitted on Live twitch streams then get in touch NOW!


I hope to hear from your band!



Every time I update this website I usually apologise for not writing in so long. This time however, a LOT has happened to the world since my last post.

I mean just a little bit! We don’t need to go into all of that. We all know what’s going on. I just hope that if you’re seeing this, you are doing ok and you are happy and healthy.

I have been streaming on Twitch a LOT. Last year I became an affiliate on the site and to be honest it’s probably one of the top pastimes that got me through the last 12 months!!

Let’s talk about Twitch…. I am looking for bands and musicians to contact me so that I can play YOUR music on my streams, to both showcase it to my audience but also potentially thousands of other audiences. Contact me through this website to submit your interest in this project and I will let you know what we do next! In the meantime make sure and check me out at

2019 Nearly over! I’m still here!!

Another year over and yet again I have failed to update this website with any photos, videos or news about all of the exciting work I’ve had the luck and pleasure being a part of.

Another huge list of names could be added here but then it would be another copy of my last update from the end of 2019! It’s almost a crime at this point just how bad I am at filling a simple web form in to update everyone on what’s happening, but again I’ll just blame being very busy and being a dad on my lack of updates!! Can I get away with it again??

Either way, be very assured I am still alive and kicking, and SoundShape is very much going strong and I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you that gets in touch looking to include me in your musical, or indeed anything, journey!

Phenomenal Year So Far

SoundShape Studios May 2016 01 (shrunk)

Just like every year, I’ve updated every other aspect of social media besides this website…  But I’m a dad now!! I can blame my lack of online presence on that can’t I? It’s a good enough reason I think…

I have produced amazing new music from Black Dove, PaperSailor, Echo Moon, Pseudo Satellites, The Social, The Strays, The Sinsheimers, The Asuras, The Luci Baines Band and tons more that I could be here all day listing.

Drop me a message on the “Contact” page of this site or by email to discuss a recording or video project. I look forward to hearing from you!

HERE’S TO 2018!

Last year came and went. Lots happened and I barely updated this website.

I worked on some amazing stuff. Finished, and also started on several albums, made tons of videos I’m really happy with and generally just worked my ass off.

A brand new showreel of music production will be making its way onto the inter web very soon. I’ve neglected to update my favourite recording work in a long time and it ends now! I’m putting together a collection of the stuff I’m most proud of from the previous couple of years.


Attica Rage recently unleashed their brand new video for ‘All Summer Long’ that I had a blast filming for them back in June.

Exceedingly hot summer day, who coulda planned that in the west of Scotland eh?

The stars aligned in the end and we made this video. Look out for fantastic drone camera work courtesy of Kenneth Sands.



A busy 2016 so far. I’ve finished up a lot of great records that are now out there to consume, with more waiting in the wings. 

The Sinsheimers released their brand new EP ‘Bandinage‘ which you can stream/download at all the usual spots. 

A fantastic long EP/mini-album (is that how you say it?) from Midweek Shuffle is coming out very very soon, and that features a ton of great songs I really enjoyed recording and producing. 

3 videos… 3 damn videos all poised to release any time now. I worked with some great bands on videos this year including Attica Rage and  Mason Hill. And an as yet unnamed outfit. 3 videos I can’t wait to show off. 

A band I had a fantastic time working with last year (on their debut track), called Feral are back in finishing off a couple of new songs right now. These guys know how to bend several genres around their little finger and flick a whole new sound right into your ears. Look out for that. 

And there’s more. So much more. OliPop has great new music coming out, and there will be new music from Fallen Arches!


I made a huge grand total of 2 posts last year in 2015. The irony of that is I had so much work on that I simply forgot to keep the website updated. 

Y’know how it is nowadays. It’s all Twitter this and Facebook that. Gotta keep down with what the kids are into and so on. My main updates appear on Facebook but as I say every year, I shall try to maintain this page better than before. 

2015 was a brilliant year and I hope to work on more amazing projects before Santa rolls around again in 12 months. 

THE SINSHEIMERS – Pineapples And Palm Trees

The Sinsheimers - Artwork

I started working with The Sinsheimers last year on their debut EP ‘Pineapples And Palm Trees’, and a couple of months ago we wrapped up the photography for the artwork. Another full SoundShape product, from recording, mixing, mastering, right through to photography and artwork design.

It’s available now from their live shows, and they should have it online for download very soon.


No apologies this time. I’ve just been really busy! I’ve managed to keep a lot of updates on the audio and video pages, and if you follow me with the hashtag #SoundShapeUK on Instagram you will have seen what I’m up to.

The biggest new update I can bring you, is that I am now about to begin a new podcast cleverly titled “The SoundShape Podcast”

Took so long to come up with that name obviously. We have guest lined up, as well as sessions booked with some brilliant bands. I can’t wait to start this new chapter alongside my faithful podcast companions Colin and Anthony.

There has been a lot of brilliant releases from bands I’ve worked with since the last blog update here, including the new EP from HUXTABLE called ‘It’s A Trap
I’m also massively proud of the mini-album from new band PEMBROOKE which was released a few months ago titled ‘Role Models‘. After a long process of fine tuning the great songs and recording new ones, I wrapped up the latest release from PARKER with their self titled EP.