Song: ‘Big Huff’ – taken from the 2008 debut album “True Novella”

Song: ‘Black Snow’ – taken from the as-yet-unreleased followup album ‘Left Writer Wrong”

The band Tempercalm (I suppose you could say my “main” band) started off in 2003 and has seen
it’s fair share of lineup changes. The current lineup is the longest standing configuration
(try saying that when you’ve had a few shandies), and consists of myself on vocals and
guitar, Dave Rundell on Drums, and Eoin Thomson on Bass.

I came fresh out of a previous band in my teens, called Haywire, which gave me the chance to
quickly arrange live shows and get things moving very quickly. I was still trying to advance my
recording skills so we released a lot of demos early on, which in all fairness turned us into a well
known local name in those first couple of years. The internet was (believe it or not) a very different
beast back then. 2003 had no YouTube, no Facebook, not even MySpace. A band who had their
very own website and songs to download seemed alot more like… “a big deal”. We even had videos to stream.

Our first EP was released in 2005 which finally attracted the attention of radio and TV.. erm, folk,
and this in turn led us to licensing a song to the THQ game brand for the Xbox console release
of ‘Saints Row’.

The debut album (True Novella) was recorded through 2007 after a short hiatus, and we moved
onto really pushing  our reach with live shows. ‘True Novella’ accumulated warm responses from
the likes of KERRANG!, BIG CHEESE, and ROCKSOUND magazine.

Touring across the UK and Northern Ireland to promote the album in 2008, we then started writing
songs for another release which to this day is still being recorded. Let’s just say there’s been some changes
along the way. There’s still a very good chance the album will still be released.. haha.

That’s generally the story.. we’ve always produced our own music, and accompanying videos,
and not to forget the artwork we cobble together for everything.

That brings you up to date on the Tempercalm story then eh?

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