PaperSailor on SoundCloud

PaperSailor is the rocking little brainchild of Michael Wilson who came into the studio and played everything from drums, to guitars, to irn bru bottles, with the aim of bringing you this 5 song little gem.

Massively enjoyed recording and mixing this. Now let’s hope there’s a live show on the horizon!

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I’ve been meaning to keep this page updated, I just get so busy and forget!
There’s a lot of great stuff happening just now, I’m recording/mixing some great albums, EPs and singles for a lot of brilliant bands.

I’ll make sure and post that up when it’s all released, speaking of which you should go check out ‘Take Away The Pain’ by Alavano which was released this week. It’s a new single from their album which we recently finished up.

And this video, ‘Juliet’ by Huxtable, is the first song from their mini album that I’m currently mixing. This was incredibly fun, and you’d never think this sound came from just 2 people.

Get into it.

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Roadway | Thrill On Me

Very proud of the latest video, everyone put in a brilliant performance. It was quite a long day with a lot of travelling around, but many thanks to ‘Audio’ in Glasgow for being a great hosting venue for the main footage.

Check out ROADWAY’s new material coming very soon… buy this single now!

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Sneaky Pete | UnBoxing The Album

I just received the new SNEAKY PETE album in the mail. The first batch of copies are in!

This is me opening and talking about the CD and artwork in a bit of detail.

The entire package is a product of SOUNDSHAPE.

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Cabey – Jugglers

Latest video production shot entirely in the studio.

Cabey’s EP was recorded throughout the start of this year and will be released next week.

Check him out. He’ll be back in the studio soon too.

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Lemon Party – ‘Ms. Direction’

Just finished this fun wee video for ‘Lemon Party’.
The song and video were recorded all in-house.

Check them out, I’ll be bringing you more music from them very soon.

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Sneaky Pete ‘Run To You’ Christmas 2012 Cover

I did it last year with ’em, and here it is again.. another cover song with a video (this time more planned).

Merry Christmas!

The Sneaky Pete album will 100% be out in the new year! We thought it’d be 2012 but things got busy!

Seeya soon.

SNEAKY PETE – ‘Treehouse’ Acoustic Video

I recently recorded a couple of acoustic session tracks with Sneaky Pete.

Filmed them live in the studio and the first is now online.

Another will follow in the coming weeks, and I’m recorded a similar thing with them soon, in the form of a specially picked cover song which will be a free Christmas download.

We did it last year and it was a laugh so we’re doing it again.

More news soon! Very busy with stuff.

Another new video!

Yeah I’m fairly battering them out.

This is for Sneaky Pete, and it was alot of fun to shoot….. graveyards ‘n shit baby.